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10 Dental Total Health Screening service is a simple and convenient way to know your baseline health numbers.

Our Nurses are trained to provide a simple screen that offer your Full Lipid Cholesterol (cardiovascular risk), Glucose (diabetes risk), Blood Pressure, BMI, and Waist to Height Ratio results in a few minutes. (other screens maybe available).

Why choose having your health screens with Dental Clinic?

  It’s only £25.00 or you can upgrade your membership plan to include an annual health screen.
  Easy to book online or over the phone.
  Safe quick and convenient to know your healthy numbers.
  Have your results in minutes and if any result falls outside of any range we will support you with a referral to your GP
  You don’t have to be an existing patient

What is a Health Screen?

A health screen is simple consultation with one of our highly trained dental clinicians that will perform your blood pressure, lipid cholesterol, glucose, BMI and waist to height ratio screening.
These screens only take a few minutes and offer your risk awareness of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and provide vital numbers that will help you lead a healthier life.

How does the Dental Clinic Health Screen service work?

1. Book an appointment online or by phone

First things first, you’ll need an appointment and it’s easy to get one online. As part of the booking process, you’ll be asked some questions to make sure the service is the right option for you.
01704 540250- Call anytime between Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm, alternate Saturday’s 8:30am to 12.30pm, CLOSED Bank holidays.

2. Fasting before your appointment provides best results

Having only water, coffee or tea without sugar or milk will provide the best results. If your appointment is later in the day try not to eat 2 hours before your appointment.

3. Go to your appointment at one of our Dental Clinics

The screening appointment itself will only take a few minutes. Our specially trained Nurses will run through some questions, talk you through the process and make sure everything is clear. If your health screen is scheduled with an existing appointment this will be perform during that appointment.
Our trained Nurses then use a special analyser to process a very small sample of blood taken from the finger and perform a few simple screens to provide you with all your results.
Your results only take minutes to process and you will have access to them instantly.

4. What happens next?

If your results all show within normal range their keep up the good work. If any results show out of range you will have the opportunity to be referred to your GP.
Results are not a diagnosis. These screens offer you to know more about your where you may lay with the healthy ranges set by the NHS.

Terms and conditions
Having a health screen is not a diagnosis it is to support with understanding your health range and further discussion with your GP can support with health advice.
A fee will be charged for nonattendance and when cancelling an appointment without giving 24 hours' notice.
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