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How Do I Register?

10 DENTAL CARE PLANS starting from £13.56 per month

  • Regular dental appointments (two per year) to provide: Clinical examination, Checking for signs of oral cancer, Small x-rays for screening where clinically necessary.
  • Regular hygiene appointments to provide: Scale and polish, Periodontal advice, Preventive techniques to reduce decay and gum disease.
  • Assessment of emergencies and dental pain with any temporary treatment required, carried out at the practice during normal surgery hours.
  • All treatment planning for your future dental needs.
  • All subsequent remedial work within 12 months of recommended restorative work.
  • 20% reduction off any laboratory-based treatments required, i.e. crowns, bridges and dentures.
  • 20% reduction on all fillings.
  • 20% reduction on other dental work (extractions, etc.).
  • 20% reduction on any additional hygiene work.
  • Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme to protect against the cost of large unforeseen accidental damage – see below for details.
  • Emergency Callout Scheme, should you need a dentist in an emergency, anywhere in the world – see below for details.
  • Redundancy protection for your monthly plan payments for up to 12 months – see below for details.


Emergency Call out cover can be provided by any dentist worldwide who agrees to treat you.

You simply pay the Emergency Callout Charge to the dentist concerned and collect a receipted invoice. This will then be processed through the practice for reimbursement from the insurers and you will be refunded the callout fee, minus the excess, up to the policy limits. This cover is to provide immediate pain relief only; no additional or restorative treatment fees can be claimed. You should return to the practice in normal hours for any further treatment required.

Dental Trauma – cover is provided should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a dental trauma, for example, as a result of a road traffic accident or an accident at home or at work.

The insurers will settle the claim up to the policy limits and you will need to pay any relevant excess.

  • Hospitalisation – benefit is provided should you have to stay in hospital as a result of dental trauma.
  • Permanent Facial Disfigurement – benefit is provided should you be scarred on the neck or face as a result of the accident.
  • Oral Cancer – a payment will be paid upon diagnosis of oral cancer.
  • Redundancy Protection – plan premiums paid for up to one year.

The difference between each care plan is the amount of hygienist appointments you have a year.

  • Plan A £13.56  (1 x Hygienist Appointments per year)
  • Plan B £18.10  (2 x Hygienist Appointments per year)
  • Plan C £20.98 (4 x Hygienist Appointments per year)

As you can see, Registering with the practice entitles you to many benefits, however, we are more than happy to offer patients one-off courses of treatment.

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