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Many patients are put off from having Orthodontic Braces because of the length of treatment time (often up to 2 years).

This coupled with the unsightly look of traditional fixed metal braces means that mature patients in particular are disinclined to embark on Orthodontic Treatment.

The main advantages to having Six Month Smiles is the speed of treatment compared to traditional fixed braces. As compared to the Invisible Orthodontics solutions, the fact that Six Month Smiles braces can not be removed means that treatment won’t be compromised by the patient not wearing the braces.

Six Month Smiles is an innovative Orthodontic system which allows patients to achieve final results from Orthodontic Braces in just 6 months by focussing only on the teeth that show when you smile and not making significant changes to your bite.

In addition, the “Six Month Smile” braces and wires are barely noticeable as they blend in very well with the coulour of your teeth. These definitely aren’t metal braces!

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