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Welcome to 10 Dentals price list page.

Please note that the prices listed below are just a guide and the actual cost may vary depending on your individual needs and treatment plan.

For a more accurate costing, we recommend scheduling an initial assessment with one of our experienced dental professionals. During this consultation, we will discuss your specific concerns and provide you with a detailed breakdown of all associated costs.

This is also not our full-service list.


10 Dental Adult Private Price List:

New Patient Emergency Appointment: £60

New Patient Assessment (Dentist & Hygienist): £60

Routine Private Examination: £60

Direct Access Hygienist Appointment (Basic scale & polish): £75

Small X-Rays (each) from: £15

Large X-Rays (panoral) from: £32

Temporary/Semi-Permanent Filling: £60-£140

Amalgam Filling: £57.60 – £142

Composite Filling: £82.80 – £221.95

Crowns from: £424

Veneers from: £660.48

Root Canal Treatment from: £487.60

Dentures (acrylic – per arch) from: £510

Dentures (chrome – per arch) from: £528

Extractions: £66.24 – £176

Surgical Extractions from: £350

Take Home Whitening from: £199

In Surgery Whitening: £349

Sports Guards: £124 – £148.80

Fissure Sealant (per tooth): £23.60 – £29.50

Fluoride Varnish: £17

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