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This price guide has been put together to give you an idea of the costing at 10 Dental. However, these fee’s are only intended as a guide- this is because it is difficult to be accurate on the cost of treatment due to individual treatment being different and different materials being used. This is also not our full service.


10 Dental Adults Private Price List

New patient Emergency appointment     £60.00

New patient Assessment (Dentist and Hygienist)     £60.00

Routine Private Examination     £60.00

Direct Access Hygiene appointment     £75.00

(Basic scale and polish)

Small x-rays (each) From     £10.40

Large x-rays (panoral) From     £32.00

Temporary/Semi permanent filling         £60.00 – £140.00

Amalgam filling         £57.60 – £142.00

Composite filling         £82.80 – £221.95

Crowns From       £418.60

Veneers From     £688.00

Root canal treatment From     £487.60

Dentures (acrylic, per arch) From     £510.00

Dentures (chrome, per arch) From     £528.00

Extractions         £66.24 – £176.00

Surgical Extractions From       £280.00

Home Whitening From     £199.00

In Surgery Whitening     £349.00

Sports Guards       £83.20 – £148.80

Fissure sealant (per tooth)         £17.70 – £29.50

Fluoride varnish     £17.00

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